Thinking Hackers Have No Interest in Your Little Old Email Address? Think Again.

Email accounts have significant value to criminals. If yours is penetrated, it could cost you dearly. Here’s a report from NBC News on what could happen.

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Web Sites Susceptible to Hacks

One of my subscribers, an experienced web wrangler, had one of his WordPress sites reduced to guacamole by malicious hackers. This, it turns out, is not that uncommon. There are vulnerabilities that are well known to the hacker community, in thousands of plug-ins that are used with WordPress. Here’s an article that exposes the extent of the problem.

SQL Injection Attacks

Hacking of Web sites has been much in the news lately, from banks to insurance companies, to investment companies, to the Democratic National Committee. Such hacks can be severely damaging, leading to loss of vital information, trade secrets, and huge amounts of money. By far the most widespread method for penetrating and corrupting the hacked Web sites is the SQL injection attack. This is something that everyone who has a Web site should be aware of, and know how to counteract. Even if you don’t have a Web site, it’s good to be aware of the threats that are out there, and how you might be affected.

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A True, Once in a Generation, Ground Floor Opportunity

Develop Microsoft HoloLens Apps NowLast night I addressed the Portland HoloLens Meetup with a talk titled “What I Learned while Writing ‘Develop Microsoft HoloLens Apps Now.'” That’s my new book, the first on the market to cover the new Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality technology. Needless to say, I learned a lot while writing the book. One of the main things I learned is that HoloLens is a true groundbreaking device and learning to develop applications for it represents a true ground floor opportunity. People with development expertise for the HoloLens and similar devices are going to be in demand, big time, in the near future. Mixed reality opens a door to the future.

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Thinking about Giving Apple Watch as a Gift?

The Apple Watch is much more than just a timepiece, and it is even more than an iPhone on your wrist. It is a tool that gives you the discipline to follow a healthier lifestyle than you otherwise would. To learn how to use the Apple Watch to make you feel better and accomplish more, my book, Get Fit with Apple Watch, gives you the prescription. Check it out here:

Apple Watch will Force Me to Be Healthier

While I wait for my pre-ordered Apple Watch Sport to arrive, I wonder just how much healthier it will make me. I think I lead a pretty healthy life already. I limit my calorie intake, which is fairly easy since my diet is vegetarian, leaning toward vegan. I run every other day and on alternate days walk my dog and engage in weight training. However, with all that, I still have a long way to go.

As a writer, I spend a lot of my time sitting in front of a computer, either doing research or writing about what I have discovered in my research. Sitting in one position for lengthy periods is not healthy. It hastens the deterioration of the body that comes with aging and robs people of energy.

Apple Watch has a solution for this. The built-in Activity app tracks a person’s movement. Santa Claus may know when you are sleeping and when you are awake, but the Apple Watch knows when you are sitting. If you have been sitting for almost an hour since the last time you were up on your feet, it will give you a subtle signal that you need to get up and get your blood circulating, at least for a minute, before you settle back down in your seat again.

I foresee an interesting situation on long transcontinental airline flights after a lot of people have Apple Watches. They are all going to want to get up and walk around for a minute, an hour after boarding the plane and every hour after that. The flight attendants will have fun with this situation, particularly if the pilot has illuminated the Fasten Seat Belt signs.

At any rate, for all those times when I am not flying, my watch will remind me to keep active for at least part of every hour throughout the day. That one thing alone will make me significantly healthier and probably extend my life. If I then move on to using the Apple Watch’s Workout app, who knows how healthy I will become? That’s probably the subject of another blog post.