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Allen Taylor


How Do I Get into the Hot Data Science Field?

Data science, particularly the part called analytics is exploding with opportunity. You are probably wondering  how you might climb aboard this gravy train. As the article given below explains, SQL is the onramp of choice to this career option.

So you want a job in analytics?

Cyber Security Flaws Led to the Loss of the Death Star in Episode IV. (Spoilers for Rogue One Here)

It seems that Galactic Empires are subject to the same problems as we are here on Earth today. For us, the biggest problem is SQL injection attacks. For the Empire, it’s basic security policy. See it here: https://dzone.com/articles/what-the-galactic-empire-could-learn-from-owasp?_scpsug=crawled_97466_111ad710-c9a4-11e6-bd01-f01fafd7b417#_scpsug=crawled_97466_111ad710-c9a4-11e6-bd01-f01fafd7b417

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Hackers Steal Confidential Customer and Employee Data from Hong Kong Newspaper

Hackers used an SQL Injection Attack to penetrate The Standard, and English-language Hong Kong newspaper, obtaining sensitive data on customers and employees. Read the report here: http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/54696/data-breach/standard-hong-kong-hacked.html?_scpsug=crawled_97466_91b5f9f0-c9fd-11e6-fabe-90b11c40440d#_scpsug=crawled_97466_91b5f9f0-c9fd-11e6-fabe-90b11c40440d

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Looking for a High Paying Job? There are a Lot of Openings Right Now.

Computer Storage


I’ve spent my career developing, using, and writing about databases. Databases, and the data they contain are the most valuable assets that organizations large and small possess. Making use of that data, curating it, and maintaining it are high value jobs in those organization. There  are a lot of different database management systems out there, some proprietary and others open source. They all have one thing in common, however. They rely on the SQL data language to talk to the database and retrieve useful information from it. Right now, thousands of job openings that require SQL knowledge are posted in the Web every day. People who can fill those openings are much in demand, which means salaries, already high, are on the way up.

Back in 1995, when I wrote the first edition of SQL For Dummies, recognition of the importance of SQL was just starting to emerge from the inner sanctum of corporate data centers. Now SQL is universal and contained in anything that stores data in a structured manner. I am working on a video course that will provide an easy onramp to SQL proficiency. I will keep you updated on what will be in the course and when I plan to roll it out. In the meantime, if you have specific areas that you will like to see covered in the course, please contact me at allen.taylor@ieee.org and let me know.

Thinking Hackers Have No Interest in Your Little Old Email Address? Think Again.

Email accounts have significant value to criminals. If yours is penetrated, it could cost you dearly. Here’s a report from NBC News on what could happen.


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Web Sites Susceptible to Hacks

One of my subscribers, an experienced web wrangler, had one of his WordPress sites reduced to guacamole by malicious hackers. This, it turns out, is not that uncommon. There are vulnerabilities that are well known to the hacker community, in thousands of plug-ins that are used with WordPress. Here’s an article that exposes the extent of the problem.